Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just Love Here

In a room where a soul stood watching upon its faith
Downing the bad but feeling the good
People becoming the blur but the one mind stands with the 20/20 vision goggle
A glass turned into glasses made ones vision a mind so clear
A river flowing into the system of pixels of a creator with no leader led to the mind
You started to look towards me while I stood examining the impossible
Eyes connected and words were seeked of the beholder who carried the power
You stood watching and I stood caring
Ones around become props of blur that danced around the smoke
Music blared into the ears controlling everything else the power didn’t have power of
Seconds within minutes the vision, the feeling brings the eyes closer to its mission
The river inside takes control of the feeling and brings action into reality’s eye
Smoke blown into the air while the two stood across each other
Feeling of the feeling when you started to dance
The demon seeks into the body and the music becomes our connection
Words aren’t being said but everything is already been signed
Every beat is a beat of a heart and the music finds a home in the souls
A night
A dark room
The storm racing destroying our minds
A race to a moment
A moment we’ll never remember
When our lips touched
When our minds burnt into flames
When we were controlled by our own minds
The mind that gave us the hope and the faith

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Boy With No Control

Opened my eyes after a dark dream took control of the veins that led to my brain
Woke up and sweat was running down my body as if the sun followed even though shade was to be seeked.
I was running in the middle of no where
In the middle of the dessert
Sand danced around my body
Heat followed as an unwanted friend
I kept running wishing the end was near
My Heart was beating to every step I took
The silence of space took control of my mind
My thoughts became the music to a strong base
The lyrics were to be spaced out but volume wasn’t an option
My heart beats and then it beats again
Every beat breaks into its own
Tears started scattering into direction
My mind got louder and louder as the sun was getting brighter and brighter
My story my thoughts my brain unfolded the truth
I broke my heart
A heart that was controlled by my head that was controlled by the veins that led to my brain
But used a human as an object
I stopped running but the feeling kept going on and on
The heart kept beating but instead it was beating in my head
Telling me things I’ve never said
I stood in the middle of the dessert with nothing around me but the sight of my mind
That was the only thing I had and the feeling was there
I stopped
I sat down under the sun
I closed my eyes
And I was back into the dark dream that took control of the veins that leaded to my brain
There was no exit
I sat there with my eyes closed and let it unfold
Because the feeling is going to go on and on
In my head  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Electric Charge

You were the kid who laughed
The fact that a heart skipped a beat
Over reacting to those feelings when one gets the feel of little pills of lies creeps into your veins straight into your blood and right through your brain
You laughed as you knew you were living the generation of no love
Walked down the street at night with the moon circled around your heart guiding it to its river
You laughed and kept laughing down the dark and the bright
Left everything on the right at home and kept everything on the left... right through the night
Your night was a surrounding of the died and you were the fresh that was left hiding but in confidence
Happiness wasn’t to be found or sought but it’s to be located and bought
Reality check was you were the monster, exorcisms
Tote tools like mechanics, mechanisms
The walk in the dark alley wasn’t searched confidence
But instead given pride to the only, watched by the bright light lit
You laughed at the ones who fell down the wishing well
Because you were the only who saw the love in disguise

Till the dark alley took your hands and lifted you and did a 180 degree turn
Threw you into the other side where people stood upon and watched
A feeling you never trusted took over your one soul
The fresh dark red blood in your system got sucked into reality’s vision  
Left with nothing but the poison given from the darkness of lit light
The dark you trusted becomes the one who laughs  
Life becomes a long alley with exit doors and your search begins
Happiness becomes a found with another soul who becomes a “matter”
Life moves so fast that you become so lazy
Running down the alley wishing a sign to an exit was a possibility

But instead you become an animal and start running with no vision goggles
You start running into the wild and let go and leave everything
Arms wide open and wind striking, hair blowing
You’ve never wanted anything from the “matter”
Expect everything they had and everything that was left
So you find that spot
And you start laughing
You wake up and you’re back in the alley that once gave you the confidence
But a thought of a chance…. you’d go back

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Controlled Within

A heart is the robot that controls the brain in one’s vision
Believing in a story you build in a world that hides in a circle where your dead self lays
You start loving something, someone in no ordinary line and without questions
The heart fights the battle, the battle you’re holding with yourself
Your heart is telling your brain the story and your brain is signalling the story to your whole body
Your body goes through a zone where now you know the feeling but the next step is your fate, your hands
A signal from your eyes and ears to the heart through the brain into our soul and our dreams, we stand
And sometimes we stare at nothing but the dead us because the next step is no next step
The feeling of love is stronger than any drug put on this earth because love isn’t anything controlled
Love is power
Love stands alone
Love isn't to be fought
We are all small little dots on this earth
We are all programmed to have this one feeling, this one thing
And in the end this one thing could break into a million little broken pieces
A puzzle no doctor, scientist, nor no drug could put back together
Love is so powerful that at times it’ll give you the power to hold
The power to fix
The power to love
The power to grow
A heart is the robot in you
And you’re just the machine controlling it

Monday, January 30, 2012

Call Me By Your Name

The sun was about to say good bye and the ocean was getting ready to go to its night

Sound of voices and dinner plates roamed in the village while people enjoyed their evening with friends and family

The sand I stood upon played around my toes while I walked down the stripe of dry sand

I walked down the ocean and stopped, stopped right in front of a resort I once owned

I stopped and glazed up into the sun while it fully disappeared into its ocean

I watched it as if I was the sun and I watched myself drown into the dark ocean

The ocean was taking over my life and I stood watching as I thought nothing could have been done

But for tears to roll down my cheeks

I turned around and watched what once a project of mine

What once a life I lived

What once a dream I had

Choices are all mind games, a game we all gamble with ourselves

A game of choices just to find out what makes us happy at most

Sometimes a little isn’t enough and a lot is just trial

A town I once believed in and a job I thrived upon day to day

I have left for a heartless move for a heart that couldn’t stop beating

That heart shocked my brain and told it to make that choice and to drop its thoughts

Just to realized and find out that my heart was playing another poker game

The heart has once again lost all its money and leaves the brain just too finally enter reality

In a world where choices aren’t being chosen any longer

I stood upon the sand and the night while starring at my once was resort

A gamble, a choice, a feeling, a desire

A feeling I once felt is now a wish, a wish wishing a feeling I felt was a feeling I’ve never felt

I wished with all my heart to leave this world behind

Rise like angels into the night

And magically disappear

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wasted Love

Run, feel, see, and breathe

Wind brushing into our faces getting in our way

Eyes contact like a number on speed dial

Study the unexpected and love the truth

Darkness has never been so bright in the light

Evil burns into cold ice wrapped around angels

Hands touched force by gravity and with a simple lesson we started falling

Nudity, smoke, no rules, stay young

We held our breath when we fell into the hole

When we reached the ground we turned down the loud noise

And we started falling, falling in love

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Bag & The Box

A mind blowing twist with an untold story following its proud studied book
Everything they knew and wanted to know was out flying with the herd of wind
When it became knowing the inside of it all it was another stage and another book
A life so darkened with a black thick marker even Mr. Devil himself didn’t dare to enter
Everyone with a pass became a lord that they didn’t want to know and everyone else became a pass by
Love was targeted by a little white ghost who told other little ghosts who fell in love with their love
Love was targeted and Love was snitched from the right side of the chest and was put in a black bag and then into a black box
Love wasn’t the pain, the pain was the pain and falling was the only thing they knew how to do
The book wasn’t written without a heart it was written for the ones who love and who can love back
Everyone with a pass became a lord and everyone else became a pass by
They watched others get the love stolen from their right side of their chest
They watched but feelings were put into a black bag hidden in a black box
Drive your fork right through my heart because any feeling is a feeling I haven’t felt
Years later, pass bys became the ghost and I realized I will never stop falling into the black hole of nothing but loveless feels because this love, this heart, and those lords can never find the bag hidden in that black box!