Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Room (pt. 2)

A world he was in that he could have called his was created by a room that became an apartment that magically turned into a world he could handle. He was safe playing ring around the rosie with his own spirit twirling in a sealed box with no vision of the outsides that he called home. His mind was on a highway with no intersections just simple exits to normal that he never thought of taking. A simple exit to normal on the right side of his life and here he was wanting his highlighted life to stay on the highway where the man knew what were happening, just another straight road and another starless night. He didn’t care, his mind was set, his mind knew what it wanted but it was the heart that was fighting its own mind. A battle he had to watch in a magical room he knew he wanted till the heart would speak. The room grabbed his soul for the use of the creative mind and the mind was watched by the walls of pain. The mind was entertained by the room and was given fear, the fear of a dark knight. The room was the safety zone a zone for one to hide, hide in a starless night with a closed eye and nothing but creativity to have fun with. The heart started to move, it would sneak through the skin and face the man and with without words the man felt the need of love. The heart was in pain, painful pain that brought reality into the room. Pain that the room kicked out before closing the door was sneaked in by the heart and given to the young man. A closed eye turned around and opened its own and kept it wide open for truth. The world isn’t a beautiful world it’s a shape that we’re all lured to till we find the best of it all. The eyes kept opened till its mind was given to its owner and till the door unlocked the room.