Saturday, June 4, 2011

Desire the Need of Sound

“Mist and shadows followed by a circled moon, the shadow that kept running between the stumps of the broken growth, and dark in a bright root within the sky that was given a mind to create a path for the following position. An art piece that was a standing wall with full followers and its own path is an open box with the word empty stamped on it with no colour but instead a radio on repeat that yelled “done done done done done”.” I remained standing upon the piece that stood hanged on the wall. A glass with red wine in one hand and my black leather wallet in the other, the sun whispering it’s goodbyes in the late evening. The sound of piano slowly danced around the free space and the sound of the oceans wave trying to flow into the night. A land that can bring two eyes in desire of something no eyes could have thought and yet I stood watching, listening, and still being in love with you.