Monday, January 30, 2012

Call Me By Your Name

The sun was about to say good bye and the ocean was getting ready to go to its night

Sound of voices and dinner plates roamed in the village while people enjoyed their evening with friends and family

The sand I stood upon played around my toes while I walked down the stripe of dry sand

I walked down the ocean and stopped, stopped right in front of a resort I once owned

I stopped and glazed up into the sun while it fully disappeared into its ocean

I watched it as if I was the sun and I watched myself drown into the dark ocean

The ocean was taking over my life and I stood watching as I thought nothing could have been done

But for tears to roll down my cheeks

I turned around and watched what once a project of mine

What once a life I lived

What once a dream I had

Choices are all mind games, a game we all gamble with ourselves

A game of choices just to find out what makes us happy at most

Sometimes a little isn’t enough and a lot is just trial

A town I once believed in and a job I thrived upon day to day

I have left for a heartless move for a heart that couldn’t stop beating

That heart shocked my brain and told it to make that choice and to drop its thoughts

Just to realized and find out that my heart was playing another poker game

The heart has once again lost all its money and leaves the brain just too finally enter reality

In a world where choices aren’t being chosen any longer

I stood upon the sand and the night while starring at my once was resort

A gamble, a choice, a feeling, a desire

A feeling I once felt is now a wish, a wish wishing a feeling I felt was a feeling I’ve never felt

I wished with all my heart to leave this world behind

Rise like angels into the night

And magically disappear

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