Friday, July 23, 2010

At Swim, Two Boys

At Swim, Two Boys By: Jamie O'Neill
A book I grabbed for a joyful read while travelling seven hours on an airplane. At Swim, Two Boys took my heart out of my body and placed it between the words. Three days without putting the book down and my world became their world. My brain became its own. A must read!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Burnt War

A shape that changes every time I find out who I am and there for my life has become a youth circle…a life that turns upside down and will let you hang on a string for a time then when you’re not looking it’ll loop back into its shape. Trying ethnic boundaries and being somebody who isn’t anybody is a simple task I feel I have to go through. Nothing and I mean the world hasn’t and doesn’t bring colour into my vision…but it does keep me in my black and white scene. Jumping to the next step sounds right but doesn’t look possible. I stand here under the stars looking at you and everyone that stands behind and I can’t see anything else. Feeling after feeling and a feeling I don’t trust.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I walked into the mist fearless and caution
I’ve never felt such a feeling
It was a feeling I didn’t know
I didn’t know if it was love or attraction
Lately everything around me has been a slow motion movie
A feeling so clever, I just didn’t care
So clever, it turned a fly into a fairy
I grabbed, he grabbed. We touched. Eyes shut
Separate teams and yet we both scored for the same team
Feeling and more feeling and I loved the feeling
Skin touched skin. Neon colours coloured the floor
Limit no more and limit we reach
Darkness that danced around turned into the climax
Lips becomes its own
War between sheets
We start making kids together
Sex I had, love between roses I can’t speak
We start
While the love enters the room
While I open my eyes
While I become myself
While I turn into, into me

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Give Nothing, Taking Everything

After a long day of berry picking she walked into her house in Colburn, North Yorkshire with excitement to show her father and mother her basket full of berries. She walked into the kitchen and set the basket on the wooden table that her father once made. The little girl who was twelve at the time ran around the house yelling for her mother. She circled the house once till she came across the kitchen again. She walked in slowly towards the wooden table where a piece of paper laid by itself. She picked up the piece of paper.

My love, Mirabella
I can’t forgive myself for what your father and I are putting you though. I had to leave for not just my safety but as well as yours. Your aunt Lela is going to meet you at our cottage down at the lake in a couple of days. Mirabella, please garb a suitcase and leave as fast as you can. Lela will tell you as much as she can. We will meet again, I promise. I love you.
Your mother, Tilly.

She set the paper back on the table and her ice blue eyes turned into a dark cold night. She walked toward the window and looked upon the bright sunset. A perfect day she thought turned into a day she no longer wants to remember. She grabbed everything she can and ran with fear to her parent’s cottage. While the dark was taking over the day she finally arrived to the lake. She dropped her suitcase and stood there then fell on her knees while tears dropped down. The cottage, her trail to answers was destroyed. She no longer had a letter to tell her what to do. She was alone and she was terrified.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's My Heart That Dies When You Come to Me

I stood there. I stood there watching the world disappear. I didn’t care. I didn’t feel anything. It was my turn. My turn to pay, my turn to disappear, earth and everything in it won’t offer me a ticket and I am not one to fight. The clock kept ticking and my eyes kept getting darker. I would cry whenever I saw the storm. I would cry because I knew I was next. In time my heart grew stronger and strength for some control. My heart. My body stood there and took whatever my soul had to offer. My eyes would close and the clouds would get darker. Raindrops got thicker. Wind became runners. My world becomes real. Fear I’ve known for years becomes a noun. Within the sound of time my fear becomes my poison. The poison starts taking over my control. I become a different man. Every move…everything I’ve built sounds wrong. Angel and devil turns into devil and devil. No words. Quite from the outside. Nothing. We have to wait. Wait till dark turns into light. Light will make everything better but how long it lasts…I don’t know.