Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Bag & The Box

A mind blowing twist with an untold story following its proud studied book
Everything they knew and wanted to know was out flying with the herd of wind
When it became knowing the inside of it all it was another stage and another book
A life so darkened with a black thick marker even Mr. Devil himself didn’t dare to enter
Everyone with a pass became a lord that they didn’t want to know and everyone else became a pass by
Love was targeted by a little white ghost who told other little ghosts who fell in love with their love
Love was targeted and Love was snitched from the right side of the chest and was put in a black bag and then into a black box
Love wasn’t the pain, the pain was the pain and falling was the only thing they knew how to do
The book wasn’t written without a heart it was written for the ones who love and who can love back
Everyone with a pass became a lord and everyone else became a pass by
They watched others get the love stolen from their right side of their chest
They watched but feelings were put into a black bag hidden in a black box
Drive your fork right through my heart because any feeling is a feeling I haven’t felt
Years later, pass bys became the ghost and I realized I will never stop falling into the black hole of nothing but loveless feels because this love, this heart, and those lords can never find the bag hidden in that black box!

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