Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wasted Love

Run, feel, see, and breathe

Wind brushing into our faces getting in our way

Eyes contact like a number on speed dial

Study the unexpected and love the truth

Darkness has never been so bright in the light

Evil burns into cold ice wrapped around angels

Hands touched force by gravity and with a simple lesson we started falling

Nudity, smoke, no rules, stay young

We held our breath when we fell into the hole

When we reached the ground we turned down the loud noise

And we started falling, falling in love

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Bag & The Box

A mind blowing twist with an untold story following its proud studied book
Everything they knew and wanted to know was out flying with the herd of wind
When it became knowing the inside of it all it was another stage and another book
A life so darkened with a black thick marker even Mr. Devil himself didn’t dare to enter
Everyone with a pass became a lord that they didn’t want to know and everyone else became a pass by
Love was targeted by a little white ghost who told other little ghosts who fell in love with their love
Love was targeted and Love was snitched from the right side of the chest and was put in a black bag and then into a black box
Love wasn’t the pain, the pain was the pain and falling was the only thing they knew how to do
The book wasn’t written without a heart it was written for the ones who love and who can love back
Everyone with a pass became a lord and everyone else became a pass by
They watched others get the love stolen from their right side of their chest
They watched but feelings were put into a black bag hidden in a black box
Drive your fork right through my heart because any feeling is a feeling I haven’t felt
Years later, pass bys became the ghost and I realized I will never stop falling into the black hole of nothing but loveless feels because this love, this heart, and those lords can never find the bag hidden in that black box!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Rolling Thought

When life stops and time keeps rolling its circled wheel you witness a rush of angry wind that keeps pushing you over a cliff, you become a waterfall and create this beautiful confusion. Your life turns into a mist; it becomes blurry and colorless but light is believable. A flow of a stream you start and knowing the straight sign drowns in the deep where no human eye can discover. The new and the surprise factor is a face to face fight. Trash and the simple are a world of its own and a world that has been found by one with a new ability of higher vision. A vision stuck in a bubble of dreams and the bubble cannot be popped by anyone but its original blower, the man himself drowning in the water of stream flowing into a direction he will not know yet he fears his reality stuck in the dream of endless broken mirrors. Simple enough to breath, breathing turned into the reality of his adventure and he was lost. Nothing was real, understanding wasn’t common when it came to understanding the right but flashes of the wrong was another race around the track and the gun bullet flew in the air and so did the memories in his mind. Life stopped and time kept rolling its circled wheel when he witnessed a rush of angry wind that kept pushing him over the cliff when in seconds he turned into that waterfall that created this beautiful confusion and that is why he only can live the Wrong & Write.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Desire the Need of Sound

“Mist and shadows followed by a circled moon, the shadow that kept running between the stumps of the broken growth, and dark in a bright root within the sky that was given a mind to create a path for the following position. An art piece that was a standing wall with full followers and its own path is an open box with the word empty stamped on it with no colour but instead a radio on repeat that yelled “done done done done done”.” I remained standing upon the piece that stood hanged on the wall. A glass with red wine in one hand and my black leather wallet in the other, the sun whispering it’s goodbyes in the late evening. The sound of piano slowly danced around the free space and the sound of the oceans wave trying to flow into the night. A land that can bring two eyes in desire of something no eyes could have thought and yet I stood watching, listening, and still being in love with you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Room (pt. 2)

A world he was in that he could have called his was created by a room that became an apartment that magically turned into a world he could handle. He was safe playing ring around the rosie with his own spirit twirling in a sealed box with no vision of the outsides that he called home. His mind was on a highway with no intersections just simple exits to normal that he never thought of taking. A simple exit to normal on the right side of his life and here he was wanting his highlighted life to stay on the highway where the man knew what were happening, just another straight road and another starless night. He didn’t care, his mind was set, his mind knew what it wanted but it was the heart that was fighting its own mind. A battle he had to watch in a magical room he knew he wanted till the heart would speak. The room grabbed his soul for the use of the creative mind and the mind was watched by the walls of pain. The mind was entertained by the room and was given fear, the fear of a dark knight. The room was the safety zone a zone for one to hide, hide in a starless night with a closed eye and nothing but creativity to have fun with. The heart started to move, it would sneak through the skin and face the man and with without words the man felt the need of love. The heart was in pain, painful pain that brought reality into the room. Pain that the room kicked out before closing the door was sneaked in by the heart and given to the young man. A closed eye turned around and opened its own and kept it wide open for truth. The world isn’t a beautiful world it’s a shape that we’re all lured to till we find the best of it all. The eyes kept opened till its mind was given to its owner and till the door unlocked the room.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Room

The room held its hand out right towards me and picked me up from my waist and held me right in front of its dark face. I stared back with wide eyes as if I was a third grader and an evil kid just finished telling me the bogyman story, a stupid story you know not to believe but yet again every time you close your eyes for a better tomorrow your mind tries to play a little dirty game so you start hearing things right under your bed. A little game you start playing with yourself “try to sleep before you start seeing the man himself.” A wide eye towards the rooms dark face and I was unlucky because I didn’t fall asleep. I was held up high, high enough I could have seen my life reflecting its own shadow and there I was high enough to say goodbye. The room sucked me in its little brown squared door and within seconds I was on a rusty wooden floor. I looked up and a white wall stared back with laughter. There I was on the floor in a room lying on the floor and as much as I wanted to believe the story was stupid I tricked my mind to believe in it all and nothing turns into fake. I stood up and started to picture the room as an apartment and with magic only a room can form and slowly the room assembled into a home a body like mine can enjoy. I started to imagine the darkness of beauty and with my eye closed the room would listen without my words touching the air, the room would shape its mind into my thoughts. Within time I started to see what the room started to see and I believed in every story and I wasn’t afraid to sleep without racing the track a few laps. I was killed by the room and the room it was.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Heart That Beats

5:00am: The moon was still flying in the sky while night was getting eaten by light. The dark’s ghost was being swept away from the boy who lay in his bed waiting for light to save his soul.

6:00am: The sound of his alarm clock started to ring into his ears to warn the boy that it is safe to open his eyes. Light has once appeared into his life and dark has ran away like an old lover.

7:00am: looking in the mirror to brush his teeth was a sign that night wasn’t real and it was just a scary dream, a dream that no longer exists in his life. He looks again and laughs to make sure he’s okay.

7:15am: He sees him; the boy he sees’s every morning with a smile on his face. The boy who makes him laugh for no reason. With a simple hello he knew he was alright because he felt it once again, a heart that beats.

8:00am: The boy and the boy started talking over simple homemade breakfast, motherly made boiled eggs, sausage, and French coffee that his mother makes every morning since he was two.

9:00am: By the time the boys had to go to school they became best friends and without a word they knew it because they’ve felt the heart that beats.

11:00am: Two hours later after endless English classes and annoying teachers they meet each other at lunch at a small table in the library where they talked endlessly. They would start reading their favorite books that hid their favorite chapters to each other and when the bell rang they would close the books and continue with their endless classes.

2:30pm: The boy stood near his locker waiting for the boy to come pick him up and go hide in a corner to finish reading their favorite chapter.

2:40pm: Ten minutes of waiting in a land of zero the boy’s heart started to skip not once but twice and it started to get scary. The sun was still shinning on that side of the world but the feelings of dark wasn’t far and the heart of beats could have felt it.

2:45pm: Five minutes later the sun stood strong when the boy showed up with his bright smile holding that book that contained his favorite chapter. The feeling of dark was not a feeling to feel anymore. The boy had his life jacket on hand. The boat might have been rocking with a storm fighting its way to everyone’s life but the boy knew he was safe because the boy was his life jacket.

3:00pm: The mother of the boy called and wanted him home for dinner and he did what was told. They had to say their good bye for the day and hope for a good tomorrow. While the boy started to walk away the boy also started to walk his way. With every step he took his heart started to skip the beat. From red to black he knew it was time to face the ghost of dark once again within hours.

5:00pm: The boy stood in his room where he started his day. He stood right in front of the mirror where he was smiling hours ago, he stood there looking at himself and without looking outside he knew the moon was raised from a feeling of a mood and with eyes closed he saw the stars light flicked on and with a simple good bye he looked in the mirror and said good bye to the boy who made him smile that bright morning.

(The room getting its dark and its red, the boy started to see the devil.)

10:00pm: While covered in warm blankets and tucked in with an old stuffed friend, tears started to drop down his cheeks and landed right in the dark where no heart can be found.