Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just Love Here

In a room where a soul stood watching upon its faith
Downing the bad but feeling the good
People becoming the blur but the one mind stands with the 20/20 vision goggle
A glass turned into glasses made ones vision a mind so clear
A river flowing into the system of pixels of a creator with no leader led to the mind
You started to look towards me while I stood examining the impossible
Eyes connected and words were seeked of the beholder who carried the power
You stood watching and I stood caring
Ones around become props of blur that danced around the smoke
Music blared into the ears controlling everything else the power didn’t have power of
Seconds within minutes the vision, the feeling brings the eyes closer to its mission
The river inside takes control of the feeling and brings action into reality’s eye
Smoke blown into the air while the two stood across each other
Feeling of the feeling when you started to dance
The demon seeks into the body and the music becomes our connection
Words aren’t being said but everything is already been signed
Every beat is a beat of a heart and the music finds a home in the souls
A night
A dark room
The storm racing destroying our minds
A race to a moment
A moment we’ll never remember
When our lips touched
When our minds burnt into flames
When we were controlled by our own minds
The mind that gave us the hope and the faith