Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's My Heart That Dies When You Come to Me

I stood there. I stood there watching the world disappear. I didn’t care. I didn’t feel anything. It was my turn. My turn to pay, my turn to disappear, earth and everything in it won’t offer me a ticket and I am not one to fight. The clock kept ticking and my eyes kept getting darker. I would cry whenever I saw the storm. I would cry because I knew I was next. In time my heart grew stronger and strength for some control. My heart. My body stood there and took whatever my soul had to offer. My eyes would close and the clouds would get darker. Raindrops got thicker. Wind became runners. My world becomes real. Fear I’ve known for years becomes a noun. Within the sound of time my fear becomes my poison. The poison starts taking over my control. I become a different man. Every move…everything I’ve built sounds wrong. Angel and devil turns into devil and devil. No words. Quite from the outside. Nothing. We have to wait. Wait till dark turns into light. Light will make everything better but how long it lasts…I don’t know.

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