Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I walked into the mist fearless and caution
I’ve never felt such a feeling
It was a feeling I didn’t know
I didn’t know if it was love or attraction
Lately everything around me has been a slow motion movie
A feeling so clever, I just didn’t care
So clever, it turned a fly into a fairy
I grabbed, he grabbed. We touched. Eyes shut
Separate teams and yet we both scored for the same team
Feeling and more feeling and I loved the feeling
Skin touched skin. Neon colours coloured the floor
Limit no more and limit we reach
Darkness that danced around turned into the climax
Lips becomes its own
War between sheets
We start making kids together
Sex I had, love between roses I can’t speak
We start
While the love enters the room
While I open my eyes
While I become myself
While I turn into, into me

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