Monday, June 28, 2010

Picture of Art

8:00am when the alarm opened my eyes
The sun gazed towards his face
He laid there sleeping and I laid there taking in life
Nothing and yet everything
South of France sunset dinner we didn’t have
Take out dinner while sitting on the floor
Found television with limited channels
Painted walls with names and art of colour
Mattress in the middle of the room covered with pillows
Walls pined with drawings of love
Butt magazines laying on the bathroom floor
Walk in closet turned into a mini value village
Dirty clothes slept upon the king and king
Broken beautiful glasses lived in the sink
Floor covered in paint and pencils
Not much but so much

The Square

I sat near the window and watched the roads turn into white love
The city turned into a white wonderland with no enjoyment
Everyone was died and the city became a metaphor
I was alone and I had to watch the time go by without fear
Walking down a simple street turned into a dark tunnel
Feeling hunger felt so easy
Walking slow and observing the simple tasks around me was dawn
Looking around and feeling pleased felt wrong
It was a depression era being held in a four by four white room
Leaving the square door gave me one thought and that thought must go
I, a human left in a world I had to lift by myself
Little things and big things reminded me of no human
Sitting on a bench without looking to my right and left
A night full of bright sharp stars
Was a night full of outlying
Running through the wind to forget time
The end, just to realize I have to exit the way I started
Everything remains the same but me

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Eighteen years ago I was a different man
The pain has found me and started a home for itself in my heart
My smile, my joy, my soul
I wasn’t myself anymore
A devil, a witch, a monster
Stole my life and gave me an old one
I once thought things happen for a reason
I moved to my own cottage up in the hills to fix it
The pain got worse
My life got darker
Night skies became hell and stars turned into fire
Day light was the saver till I fell back where I belonged
I prayed every single day I would and could once love again
A sign of life aimed no direction
My blood, my veins, my brain
My sight, my voice, my ears
Said nothing but thought of one sight
I no long belong in hell
To gain power
You must kill the power that charges your shadow

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stars & Butterflies

He hid his face with his black and white French hat reading the paper
I sat across the room drinking my coffee dazing through what was available
Sun glazed through the busy streets of Le Rose
Human walked in and out of the coffee shop but I remained what I have started
I stop my day for no such thing
But this wasn’t just a thing that happened to be sitting across me
I, a man who tries to keep a cup straight everyday have never felt such a powerful feel
My heartfelt young as if the day when my father came back from war replayed in my life
Neither a feeling no words can describe nor a feeling one can share
A reminder of a young boy I once knew
A bright boy who always wanted more even though the best was already there
That boy grew up and had the great of a life and love
Then the boy died when there was nothing left and that boy remained died
Remained with no help left alone in a world he knows no more
The man sitting across wasn’t a great love
The man sitting across was a sign that I can feel again
A world I don’t know can turn my life into a great one
That man change my life
Even though when my world and life doesn’t seem any bright
someone or something will lead you towards it
Love doesn’t have to be what’s in front of you
It could be what’s inside holding the dark
Look around, take a step or two, open your eyes
That man could be sitting in front of you as well

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Not Alone

I placed the pencil down on the wet ink and threw my blazer on
I raced down the stairs as I heard a man’s voice echo through the palace
I was jumping each step to skip time
When I came across a gentlemen standing upon himself smoking a cigar looking towards me
I looked at him while he stared at me and in seconds his lips twist into a smile
A feeling in my body slows me down
Our fingers glide into power and we both feel a feeling
I walk by him without saying a word leaving my eyes to tell the story
He stays starring into my soul
It was like a sign for my heart telling me I wasn’t alone
A feeling I once thought I only had isn’t a feeling I held anymore
A man that changed a love story in ones mind
A soul turned them into the great

Monday, June 7, 2010


An end always means a new beginning
A new beginning means a start of a journey
Sometimes a journey flies into the wrong direction
Like a bird when fighting the wind
We humans learn from our mistakes and gain wisdom
At times we get our heart crushed into pieces
At times we miss a chapter in our life so much that we discover moving on is impossible
In one’s life they will discover great chapters and terrible chapters
One will grow and some will be taken back
One will win and some will loose
One will live positive and others will live negative
The journey we all end up on is the journey we all choose
We humans aren’t operated by wires
We humans are humans that live on this earth to create nothing but a life for themselves
Tears, smiles, depression, excitement, love…are the things we build to complete a journey
I myself haven’t finished my journey
Living and loving and giving and growing are what are making my journey a beauty
I haven’t found my path that aims to great creation yet but I believe in a quote
Never say never till you have to say never say never!