Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Eighteen years ago I was a different man
The pain has found me and started a home for itself in my heart
My smile, my joy, my soul
I wasn’t myself anymore
A devil, a witch, a monster
Stole my life and gave me an old one
I once thought things happen for a reason
I moved to my own cottage up in the hills to fix it
The pain got worse
My life got darker
Night skies became hell and stars turned into fire
Day light was the saver till I fell back where I belonged
I prayed every single day I would and could once love again
A sign of life aimed no direction
My blood, my veins, my brain
My sight, my voice, my ears
Said nothing but thought of one sight
I no long belong in hell
To gain power
You must kill the power that charges your shadow

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