Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Sun of Afterlife

I walked into the room with my hands wide open with possibility and held nothing but great love I walked through the doors and entered a room where a man who sat waiting in a four by four room
Walking a simple step would turn into an imagination complex where you create your own world
Your world could be anything and this anything could be perfect
A great story that desires a great heart
A heart so powerful that could turn your night into light with just a kiss through the air
A room that would open up a dark chapter and make it passable with a simple hike to memory lane
A life one thought couldn’t be open has just open doors so wide one couldn’t have missed
Leafs fall and rain turns into snow and your heart becomes warm
A room so powerful it brought nothing but soft endings
Journeys through volcanoes and terrifying lava turned into a super hero movie
A movie that would always let you shine and wouldn’t be forgotten
Chapters after chapters was possibilities one could have walked through instead of an end
I have not loved before and I have not found the answer of why
Fear of letting myself enter a world of real desire frightens me
I find myself as perfect as the world I have created and the world I have created is the world I am stuck in
A world where I find the man who sat in his four by four room just waiting for the one
His story has ended with kisses my story hasn’t began
I have walked into reality with wide open possibility and am holding nothing but great love

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Famous Stars

I put a life I once knew behind me and entered a world I didn’t know what it had to offer but fame. A Saturday night that held beautiful stars upon the people who worshiped them turned into a night full of fake bright stars that laid in wealth and laughed at people who worshiped them. My desire to know the normal and the world that once used to be on my side became a war with my own nightmare. A simple dream to contain a life with a loved one became money and that money turned into nothing but flashes and more flashes. A life so glamorous had to be so disgusting. I wanted to reach the stars and bring in the bright lights and I did but the lights never were bright enough to brighten my side but only yours. I watched and I had to and I loved it so I did just that till they wanted more and what I only had was my life and so I gave that up as I thought I wanted more. They took it into their hands and played with it like a game of baseball. My life turned into the ball and I kept being thrown to anyone who was wide open and available. The team kept winning but never satisfied with the numbers. A dream I once desired offered nothing but fame and here I was, standing underneath the stars knowing I was protected because I was one of them.