Monday, September 17, 2012

The Boy With No Control

Opened my eyes after a dark dream took control of the veins that led to my brain
Woke up and sweat was running down my body as if the sun followed even though shade was to be seeked.
I was running in the middle of no where
In the middle of the dessert
Sand danced around my body
Heat followed as an unwanted friend
I kept running wishing the end was near
My Heart was beating to every step I took
The silence of space took control of my mind
My thoughts became the music to a strong base
The lyrics were to be spaced out but volume wasn’t an option
My heart beats and then it beats again
Every beat breaks into its own
Tears started scattering into direction
My mind got louder and louder as the sun was getting brighter and brighter
My story my thoughts my brain unfolded the truth
I broke my heart
A heart that was controlled by my head that was controlled by the veins that led to my brain
But used a human as an object
I stopped running but the feeling kept going on and on
The heart kept beating but instead it was beating in my head
Telling me things I’ve never said
I stood in the middle of the dessert with nothing around me but the sight of my mind
That was the only thing I had and the feeling was there
I stopped
I sat down under the sun
I closed my eyes
And I was back into the dark dream that took control of the veins that leaded to my brain
There was no exit
I sat there with my eyes closed and let it unfold
Because the feeling is going to go on and on
In my head