Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Controlled Within

A heart is the robot that controls the brain in one’s vision
Believing in a story you build in a world that hides in a circle where your dead self lays
You start loving something, someone in no ordinary line and without questions
The heart fights the battle, the battle you’re holding with yourself
Your heart is telling your brain the story and your brain is signalling the story to your whole body
Your body goes through a zone where now you know the feeling but the next step is your fate, your hands
A signal from your eyes and ears to the heart through the brain into our soul and our dreams, we stand
And sometimes we stare at nothing but the dead us because the next step is no next step
The feeling of love is stronger than any drug put on this earth because love isn’t anything controlled
Love is power
Love stands alone
Love isn't to be fought
We are all small little dots on this earth
We are all programmed to have this one feeling, this one thing
And in the end this one thing could break into a million little broken pieces
A puzzle no doctor, scientist, nor no drug could put back together
Love is so powerful that at times it’ll give you the power to hold
The power to fix
The power to love
The power to grow
A heart is the robot in you
And you’re just the machine controlling it