Saturday, May 26, 2012

Electric Charge

You were the kid who laughed
The fact that a heart skipped a beat
Over reacting to those feelings when one gets the feel of little pills of lies creeps into your veins straight into your blood and right through your brain
You laughed as you knew you were living the generation of no love
Walked down the street at night with the moon circled around your heart guiding it to its river
You laughed and kept laughing down the dark and the bright
Left everything on the right at home and kept everything on the left... right through the night
Your night was a surrounding of the died and you were the fresh that was left hiding but in confidence
Happiness wasn’t to be found or sought but it’s to be located and bought
Reality check was you were the monster, exorcisms
Tote tools like mechanics, mechanisms
The walk in the dark alley wasn’t searched confidence
But instead given pride to the only, watched by the bright light lit
You laughed at the ones who fell down the wishing well
Because you were the only who saw the love in disguise

Till the dark alley took your hands and lifted you and did a 180 degree turn
Threw you into the other side where people stood upon and watched
A feeling you never trusted took over your one soul
The fresh dark red blood in your system got sucked into reality’s vision  
Left with nothing but the poison given from the darkness of lit light
The dark you trusted becomes the one who laughs  
Life becomes a long alley with exit doors and your search begins
Happiness becomes a found with another soul who becomes a “matter”
Life moves so fast that you become so lazy
Running down the alley wishing a sign to an exit was a possibility

But instead you become an animal and start running with no vision goggles
You start running into the wild and let go and leave everything
Arms wide open and wind striking, hair blowing
You’ve never wanted anything from the “matter”
Expect everything they had and everything that was left
So you find that spot
And you start laughing
You wake up and you’re back in the alley that once gave you the confidence
But a thought of a chance…. you’d go back

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