Monday, June 7, 2010


An end always means a new beginning
A new beginning means a start of a journey
Sometimes a journey flies into the wrong direction
Like a bird when fighting the wind
We humans learn from our mistakes and gain wisdom
At times we get our heart crushed into pieces
At times we miss a chapter in our life so much that we discover moving on is impossible
In one’s life they will discover great chapters and terrible chapters
One will grow and some will be taken back
One will win and some will loose
One will live positive and others will live negative
The journey we all end up on is the journey we all choose
We humans aren’t operated by wires
We humans are humans that live on this earth to create nothing but a life for themselves
Tears, smiles, depression, excitement, love…are the things we build to complete a journey
I myself haven’t finished my journey
Living and loving and giving and growing are what are making my journey a beauty
I haven’t found my path that aims to great creation yet but I believe in a quote
Never say never till you have to say never say never!

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