Monday, June 21, 2010

Stars & Butterflies

He hid his face with his black and white French hat reading the paper
I sat across the room drinking my coffee dazing through what was available
Sun glazed through the busy streets of Le Rose
Human walked in and out of the coffee shop but I remained what I have started
I stop my day for no such thing
But this wasn’t just a thing that happened to be sitting across me
I, a man who tries to keep a cup straight everyday have never felt such a powerful feel
My heartfelt young as if the day when my father came back from war replayed in my life
Neither a feeling no words can describe nor a feeling one can share
A reminder of a young boy I once knew
A bright boy who always wanted more even though the best was already there
That boy grew up and had the great of a life and love
Then the boy died when there was nothing left and that boy remained died
Remained with no help left alone in a world he knows no more
The man sitting across wasn’t a great love
The man sitting across was a sign that I can feel again
A world I don’t know can turn my life into a great one
That man change my life
Even though when my world and life doesn’t seem any bright
someone or something will lead you towards it
Love doesn’t have to be what’s in front of you
It could be what’s inside holding the dark
Look around, take a step or two, open your eyes
That man could be sitting in front of you as well

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