Monday, June 28, 2010

The Square

I sat near the window and watched the roads turn into white love
The city turned into a white wonderland with no enjoyment
Everyone was died and the city became a metaphor
I was alone and I had to watch the time go by without fear
Walking down a simple street turned into a dark tunnel
Feeling hunger felt so easy
Walking slow and observing the simple tasks around me was dawn
Looking around and feeling pleased felt wrong
It was a depression era being held in a four by four white room
Leaving the square door gave me one thought and that thought must go
I, a human left in a world I had to lift by myself
Little things and big things reminded me of no human
Sitting on a bench without looking to my right and left
A night full of bright sharp stars
Was a night full of outlying
Running through the wind to forget time
The end, just to realize I have to exit the way I started
Everything remains the same but me

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