Monday, February 28, 2011

Heart That Beats

5:00am: The moon was still flying in the sky while night was getting eaten by light. The dark’s ghost was being swept away from the boy who lay in his bed waiting for light to save his soul.

6:00am: The sound of his alarm clock started to ring into his ears to warn the boy that it is safe to open his eyes. Light has once appeared into his life and dark has ran away like an old lover.

7:00am: looking in the mirror to brush his teeth was a sign that night wasn’t real and it was just a scary dream, a dream that no longer exists in his life. He looks again and laughs to make sure he’s okay.

7:15am: He sees him; the boy he sees’s every morning with a smile on his face. The boy who makes him laugh for no reason. With a simple hello he knew he was alright because he felt it once again, a heart that beats.

8:00am: The boy and the boy started talking over simple homemade breakfast, motherly made boiled eggs, sausage, and French coffee that his mother makes every morning since he was two.

9:00am: By the time the boys had to go to school they became best friends and without a word they knew it because they’ve felt the heart that beats.

11:00am: Two hours later after endless English classes and annoying teachers they meet each other at lunch at a small table in the library where they talked endlessly. They would start reading their favorite books that hid their favorite chapters to each other and when the bell rang they would close the books and continue with their endless classes.

2:30pm: The boy stood near his locker waiting for the boy to come pick him up and go hide in a corner to finish reading their favorite chapter.

2:40pm: Ten minutes of waiting in a land of zero the boy’s heart started to skip not once but twice and it started to get scary. The sun was still shinning on that side of the world but the feelings of dark wasn’t far and the heart of beats could have felt it.

2:45pm: Five minutes later the sun stood strong when the boy showed up with his bright smile holding that book that contained his favorite chapter. The feeling of dark was not a feeling to feel anymore. The boy had his life jacket on hand. The boat might have been rocking with a storm fighting its way to everyone’s life but the boy knew he was safe because the boy was his life jacket.

3:00pm: The mother of the boy called and wanted him home for dinner and he did what was told. They had to say their good bye for the day and hope for a good tomorrow. While the boy started to walk away the boy also started to walk his way. With every step he took his heart started to skip the beat. From red to black he knew it was time to face the ghost of dark once again within hours.

5:00pm: The boy stood in his room where he started his day. He stood right in front of the mirror where he was smiling hours ago, he stood there looking at himself and without looking outside he knew the moon was raised from a feeling of a mood and with eyes closed he saw the stars light flicked on and with a simple good bye he looked in the mirror and said good bye to the boy who made him smile that bright morning.

(The room getting its dark and its red, the boy started to see the devil.)

10:00pm: While covered in warm blankets and tucked in with an old stuffed friend, tears started to drop down his cheeks and landed right in the dark where no heart can be found.

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