Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Rolling Thought

When life stops and time keeps rolling its circled wheel you witness a rush of angry wind that keeps pushing you over a cliff, you become a waterfall and create this beautiful confusion. Your life turns into a mist; it becomes blurry and colorless but light is believable. A flow of a stream you start and knowing the straight sign drowns in the deep where no human eye can discover. The new and the surprise factor is a face to face fight. Trash and the simple are a world of its own and a world that has been found by one with a new ability of higher vision. A vision stuck in a bubble of dreams and the bubble cannot be popped by anyone but its original blower, the man himself drowning in the water of stream flowing into a direction he will not know yet he fears his reality stuck in the dream of endless broken mirrors. Simple enough to breath, breathing turned into the reality of his adventure and he was lost. Nothing was real, understanding wasn’t common when it came to understanding the right but flashes of the wrong was another race around the track and the gun bullet flew in the air and so did the memories in his mind. Life stopped and time kept rolling its circled wheel when he witnessed a rush of angry wind that kept pushing him over the cliff when in seconds he turned into that waterfall that created this beautiful confusion and that is why he only can live the Wrong & Write.

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