Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mind of Design

I was laying under the sun listening to the wind, joyful bells, and people’s voices with no words. I laid on top of my green towel with my eyes shut giving peace to the mind. The world was a thriller with so much action but my mind was a killed deer. I thought about so much but had no thought.

I hated when life brought one to a dead end but I haven’t answered a question when it comes to crossing the red line. Sweating for months and months of construction I finally have dug the whole under the dead end and scrambled to the other side just to find out I would be the lost puppy. When crossed I stood there on the other side by myself not knowing how to handle my surroundings. Crossing the dead end wasn’t a pass to success. Crossing the dead end turned into choices and challenges, happiness of my own or happiness of loved ones? Walking down a trail wasn’t just a walk it would have become a half an hour question fest. I had no answers and I had no smile to give but what I needed is to search for me and my smile. I can’t search in an area where it turns my mind into dust.

My eyes open and I see the orange sun dancing upon its children and I stayed laid down looking up while listening to voices but this time I could hear words. I stopped thinking even though it was only for that second, I know I can stop thinking.

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