Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Study the Wrong

I entered the room as if I was walking on fire with my bare feet and had no emotion on my face.
Every eye ball clicked towards me like some robot army.
All the men dressed like wealth and all the women spoke like queens.
Every step I took felt like a mile.
I knew who I was and I didn’t give a shit.
To my shirt through my mask I was the kid who fucked things up.
A table designed to serve drinks we call a bar I joined.
A Manhattan then to the next glass of joy.
A mile felt like a second of nothing.
A man so kind took control like a king to its town.
Who, where, I didn’t care.
The kid I knew wasn’t there.
The king took control and became a scary dream.
A wall of dark I was between the man I followed was there too.
I was stuck and I had no control of my own body.
My eyes closed shut and my power became visible.
A new world that kept turning became a world I didn’t want to join.
A bed I laid on. A bed I stood alone.
Nothing but a camera that left no evidence stood upon me.
A kid I didn’t know much of but knew so much.

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