Friday, October 29, 2010

Piece of Its Mind

The flashes started gaining up on the crystal as if it was a dead killer whale on shore
It shined like a new shinny penny with a special edition logo that everyone wanted
That crystal was loved by everyone that moved and breathed on earth
The crystal didn’t want to love back because love meant to accept
One thought and the thought cried
The world was out of its mind
A name was given but a background check was hidden
Just like a ghost, it wanted the world to know but be visible
Life filled with beauty and common tears
So much lip and words and all so came with a life very much alone
No matter what direction it took it always landed back in its mind
Even though it walked around like some ghost that held so much information
It, the crystal didn’t mind
The crystal didn’t care
Being sad was its playtime
Being held was making friends
Being wrong was right
One thought and the thought cried
Cried for more terror and fear
To be sad and walk away as if it was a ghost

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