Thursday, October 14, 2010

Worth the Drum

I wasn’t there but I saw everything that a human needs to see when it came to the side we called painless feel. I started off with words like “I’ll be here all for you” the words weren’t real they were what I call, fear. I did love, I did want, but I didn’t want to be what I was and I was someone who I couldn’t change because it became who I am now. I speak with no words and lovers could have told. They didn’t care they wanted the air to fly the way they taught it to. I was brought to pretend to create an image to those who question the lives we lived. I ran back to the door every time I had the chance to walk away free handed and I would kick the walls with black paint till the pain discovers a zone where it can relax and be free till the next group that becomes art. No one understood the art and no one ever cared. I have found the key to me and the key was to be sad and to be okay. That’s how I felt it, the feel I wanted to feel the feel that might get me out to the real world and not this world. I want to find out who I am but me is standing still in one stop and I wish I could be here just for you, just for you. The only person I love and I do really love you. The discovery just made the room more in silent and I have been hurt and I am here to play doctor with myself. No more the same, time to close the wide opened door and walk away to the welcome gates that yell out my name every night.

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