Friday, September 24, 2010

Roses Aren't Red

Happiness crashed into the floor into a million pieces, just as simple as dropping a virgule glass not expecting an emotion
The eye had front row of a lie and the heart contained the truth
The world became a waiting room
It was done. The list no longer made smiles
The heart didn’t know what to do
Nothing ever happened and a daily life overflowed with days and days
No excitement and no wisdom was brought to a life with much need
Being happy wasn’t a choice anymore, it was forgotten
Life looked the same that way
People all looked like the devil and I was one of them
Being alone and running into the night was the social network
It felt good
I hated it
But I wanted it
I wanted more sadness
I wanted more tears
I wouldn’t care
I would build the climax right till the end
I am my own devil

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